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The Pure Spinor Formalism is a modification to the GS Formalism invented by Nathan Berkovits, in which the Ghosts are pure spinors. Unlike the GS Formalism, the Pure Spinor Formalism is manifestly spacetime-supersymmetric.

Action PrincipleEdit this section

According to equation 3.1 in [1], the action for a superstring in flat space is

$ S = \int \mbox{d} ^2 z (\frac{1}{2} \partial X^m \overline{\partial} X_m + p_{\alpha} \overline{\partial} \theta^{\alpha} + \omega_{\alpha} \overline{\partial} \lambda^{\alpha} + \hat{p}_{\bar{\alpha}} \partial \hat{\theta}^{\bar{\alpha}} + \hat{\omega}_{\bar{\alpha}} \partial \hat{\lambda}^{\bar{\alpha}} ) $

where $ \lambda $ is a bosonic pure spinor ghost and $ \omega $ its conjugate momentum (see equation 2.7 in [1]), with unhatted $ (\lambda, \omega) $ being left-moving and hatted $ (\hat{\lambda}, \hat{\omega}) $ being right-moving (see remark beneath equation 2.1 in [2]).

Mathematical OriginEdit this section

Berkovits has recently[3] obtained the pure spinor formalism for the superstring by starting with purely bosonic variables (10 space-time dimensions, and a 10-dimensional bosonic pure spinor). The fermions of the superstring arise as Ghosts in this construction.

ReferencesEdit this section

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