The Mathematics and Physics Wiki/Wikia is a wiki for Mathematics and Physics. It is hosted by Wikia, which runs a modified (additional skins, chat rooms, forums, commenting, message walls, and blogs are three important features used here). It was formed due to dissatisfaction with Wiki Pedia .

What does "Psi Epsilon" mean?Edit this section

Psi and Epsilon are two common greek letters. Psi reminds one of Physics, whereas Epsilon reminds one of Mathematics [1].

Where can I learn more about Mathematics and Physics?Edit this section

There are various resources, and we will be soon having a "Learn More" category.

Note also that a new Graduate-level Physics Q and A site is upcoming. You can track its progress at Schrodinger's cat strikes back!. The site's tag wikis and Suggested Edit review queues, among possibly other things, will be hosted right here on the Mathematics and Physics Wiki.

Research-level Mathematics is also on-topic at the Q and A site MathsOverflow.

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